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If you haven't already read my book - Jesus And A Roman Centurion - please do. Throughout the first one-hundred pages I share in great detail what it was like throughout my childhood to be sexually, emotionally and physically abused by my family members. Night after night, I was either thrown up against a wall, whipped with a leather belt, sexually assaulted, screamed at, cursed at or had my life repeatedly threatened.

I was also forced to fend off and protect myself from the Chicago gang members and a Roman Catholic priest who believed he had the right to touch my breasts after I had reached out to him for help. And at the age of forty, in 1998, I was again sexually assaulted by an elected official, the mayor of Blue Ridge, Texas which is also documented in my book -
Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel.

So, you see I know first-hand what it is like to be abused, violated and betrayed by other souls.

I can't permanently erase your past abuse or any of your traumatic memories. But what I can do is teach you how to LOVE your enemies and spiritually rise above it all.  

When I first heard this, I was unable to fully understand why anyone would require me to do such a thing. But after many years of discernment, prayer, enlightenment and healing - I now understand why I was told to LOVE my enemies. And I do.

I am now deeply grateful for the unlimited opportunities and spiritual blessings that my abusers provided me with - in order for me to ultimately ascertain and reach my spiritual goals in this lifetime.

You see, sometimes things in life are not what they appear to be. Please allow me the opportunity to help you to find the spiritual blessings that remain hidden within your past abuse.

Private Consultations are available world-wide through - (Video Conference Call) Monday through Friday by appointment.


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 Private Consultations are available Monday thru Friday.

Sexual, Emotional & Physical Abuse

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I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of medicine, including, but not limited to, the diagnosis or treatment of any human or pet disease, ailment, injury, or condition, whether it be of a physical or mental nature. Further, Miss Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, or any other of the mental health disciplines, nor is she engaged in any of the Veterinary Arts.

Please be informed that Miss Giovannetti is certified in multiple healing modalities, however she is not a physician, psychiatrist or any other type of medical practitioner, and the private and confidential phone sessions she offers are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

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