Gifted Healer


Clementina Marie Giovannetti's

books have been featured on over

1,000 National Radio & Television Shows.

National Radio & Television Shows Praise Miss Giovannetti

Attitudes / Lifetime Television: “As far as I’m concerned, there is no other dream interpreter. You are brilliant and incredibly gifted.”

The Late Show / Fox TV Network: “Prior to Miss Giovannetti’s appearance on The Late Show, I honestly didn’t believe anyone could genuinely interpret dreams. I’m now a believer.”

Larry King Live / CNN
: “We have been hearing many positive comments about your appearance on Larry’s show. Larry is looking forward to speaking with you again real soon.”

Jenny Jones / NBC: “Rarely have I witnessed the audience jumping out of their seats just for the chance for a private moment with a guest! They were riveted to every word during your segments. Your energy lit up the room.”

Good Company / King TV5: “Your abilities to interpret dreams left both the studio audience and staff in awe. I don’t know how you do what you do, but it certainly is amazing!”

WISDOM RADIO LIVE / Jill H. Lawrence: “I rarely read my guests’ books from cover to cover, just because I don’t have the time. But yours I am reading every page. I am entranced! Wow!”

KWAT / Radio 950 AM: “Miss Giovannetti’s interview was truly one of the most interesting programs we have aired. I suspect you are a person with a great deal of empathy for others. And I admire your ability to see things that others like myself cannot.”

WWLS / Radio 640 AM: “I must commend you on your professional approach to all the subjects brought up by the listeners, and I was very impressed with the ease with which you handled the listeners. It is very obvious that you not only know your subjects well, but are a caring, patient and understanding human being.”

WNWS / Radio 790 AM: “Her depth of knowledge in Dream Interpretation, out-of-body experiences and other things of a paranormal nature, is greater than anyone whom I have interviewed in my 10+ years of doing talk radio. Additionally, her warmth and genuine “caring about people” comes across loud and clear on the radio.”

WLAC / Radio AM: “I was taken with Miss Giovannetti’s gentle compassion during her recent appearance on Beyond Reason. Not only did she accurately focus on the audience’s questions and problems, she blended her own experiences into the program to make it one of our warmest and most genuine programs to date.”

WNWS / Radio 790 AM: “… it was nearly impossible to get through to us as the lines were jammed for the full five hours. Miss Giovannetti’s interaction with the callers and her interpretation of their dreams were outstanding. Simply stated, ‘Miss Giovannetti is a winner!”

WCAU / Radio AM: “Every time you grace our airwaves, the phones light up and keep blinking well after you’re gone. Please come back to Philly real soon.”

WCKY / Radio 1530 AM: “I always appreciate your sensitivity and warmth to my callers. You always bring out the best in my listeners. You are my dream guest.”

WIBC / Radio 1070 AM: “A great big thank you to you! The interview today was wonderful. Our switchboard is ringing off the hook!”

WNWS / Radio 790 AM: “Before ever giving out the phone numbers, and asking for participation, our switchboard was completely filled… 8 lines at once!”

The KHFI Morning Show: “Wow! We had no idea people were so interested in Dreams. The phone lit up, stayed lit, and were still lighting up the next day following your appearance on our show!”