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Past Lives

Who were you in a past life?

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Understanding Past Lives

with Clementina Marie Giovannetti

Private Consultations are available Monday thru Friday.

I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti offers no guarantees, warranties, or other promises as to the results that I may or may not receive from my Private Phone Session. While numerous anecdotal occurrences, including blessings, healings, and other shifts and changes, may have occurred in the past, Miss Giovannetti  makes no promises, assurances or warranties as to the results, if any, that you may or may not receive.

I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of medicine, including, but not limited to, the diagnosis or treatment of any human or pet disease, ailment, injury, or condition, whether it be of a physical or mental nature. Further, Miss Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, or any other of the mental health disciplines, nor is she engaged in any of the Veterinary Arts.

Please be informed that Miss Giovannetti is certified in multiple healing modalities, however she is not a physician, psychiatrist or any other type of medical practitioner, and the private and confidential phone sessions she offers are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

Do you remember dying in a past life?

Do you believe your soul survived?

Are you having flashbacks about a former lifetime?

Do you have inexplicable knowledge of a particular time period or historical event?

Do you have unexplainable birthmarks, characteristics or personality traits?

Do you have unexplainable phobias, or behavioral issues?

For nearly 40 years, I have assisted countless individuals who believed they had lived before, died, reincarnated and are now living in a new body.

I have also shared my own personal story of reincarnation in my most recent book entitled –
Jesus And A Roman Centurion. If you haven’t already read it, please do!

Private consultations will provide you with a safe environment where you can openly discuss what you have been experiencing. And during our sessions, I will assist you in gaining further clarity and understanding about your former lifetime and its purpose – so that you will ultimately be able to proceed fully with your current lifetime.

Private Consultations are available world-wide through - (Video Conference Call) Monday through Friday by appointment.

                                                                  60-Minute Private Consultation $200.