A Four-Minute CD Experience

That Will Awaken You

Often, after a soul incarnates on earth, it quickly forgets who it really is, and perceives itself exclusively as a physical form. The individual unknowingly spiritually falls asleep and begins to function daily on a superficial man made level, severing its day-to-day communication with God and its own true spiritual self. The person goes through life robotically without meaning, purpose, or direction.

Oh Fair Maiden will gently “awaken” the soul, encouraging listeners to step forward from beneath their humanistic programming and altered perception of themselves. This allows listeners to see themselves as God sees them. It is during this awakened state that individuals, with God’s assistance, are able to regain control over their physical forms and day-to-day lives, and come to the conscious  realization that the true nature of life is not merely flesh and bone, but instead a loving spirit, eternally connected to Him.

Oh Fair Maiden will gently melt away your fears, sorrows, and day-to-day stress, allowing God’s loving presence to heal you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. All you need to do is listen to the four-minute transformational CD as often as you like—God will do the rest.

If you have been searching for the true meaning of your life, don't know what your purpose is, have been unable  to connect with God or your own higher consciousness, then you will greatly benefit by listening daily to the Oh Fair Maiden transformational and healing CD with Transcript.

Hardcover Edition - Media Mail / USA Only

Oh Fair Maiden

The Time Has Come To Remember Who You Truly Are

Oh Fair Maiden

The Time Has Come To Remember Who You Truly Are

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voice will gently guide you to spiritual awakening and the conscious realization

of who and what

you really are - soul.

 Clementina's recorded voice and spiritual presence will gently awaken you to your own true spiritual self.

Simply listen to the audio cassette on a daily basis

and your spiritual transformation will 

effortlessly begin to occur.

It's time to awaken.