Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel

Based on a true story of one woman that took place in the rural town of Blue Ridge, Texas beginning in 1995 – and the countless healings, miracles and stories of faith that followed, touching the lives of every person who knew her and witnessed her miraculous spiritual transformation.

Clementina’s profound and inspirational story begins at the age of 39, when God asked her to leave everything that she had ever known or accomplished behind, and told her to follow Him.

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Miracles And a Prophetic Message from an Angel

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Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel

By C. Gainesville, FL on April 20, 2017

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I have had the honor to work with Ms. Tina (Clementina) one-on-one at different points in my life as her client. She has helped awaken me to the Divine nature of the soul in each of us. Please do yourself a favor and give this book and her message a chance. If you know about that hole inside yourself that can never be filled with anything or anyone—a longing for your connection to God, then you can stop searching. This is Ms. Tina’s story about her connection and how she discovered it and grew in faith. This is how Father and his angels came into her life so she can help others. We are all here having the earthly experience as an everlasting soul—humans and animals. I hope this story and the other books in her series can help awaken you to faith and truth too. It would be her honor. May we each—and all—find our path home to Divine Love and Father.


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Three-and-a-half months, several motels and a trailer house later, Clementina found herself in Blue Ridge as the new tenant of a hundred-year-old farmhouse with an abandoned old barn in the middle of nowhere.

And without hesitation, she proceeded to walk toward the old barn with her 35mm Nikon camera strapped over her shoulder, not knowing that what was about to occur would transform her life forever. Clementina was catapulted into God’s world the instant she stepped into the barn. Kneeling before her with both arms extended upward and devotedly praying to God was one of God’s most beautiful Angels.
And the Angel said to Clementina, “Because of your love of the Father and tremendous faith, others will come to know Him and be healed. You are to return now and heal them.”

Within days, the healings began, both of people and animals. People she had never met began showing up at her front door – just like in the movie Field of Dreams.

Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel is a rare opportunity for you to read the phenomenal story of one woman’s journey and spiritual transformation into becoming one of God’s personal healers and to bear witness to the countless miracles that took place in Blue Ridge, Texas.