Clementina's story is unbelievable in many ways!

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Like the abuse and hatred she experienced in her own home; the angel visits and assignments she was given from such a young age; being guided to a place to live only have the KKK out to get her; her incredible ability to heal; and that's not even talking about her meeting with Jesus! It's pretty surreal, yet it's also too incredible to make up.

When we spoke about a month later, I could feel her beautiful, open and sincere energy and knew I absolutely had to have her as a guest on the Vibrant Moms Show. But, one episode wasn't going to be enough. So we decided to do two interviews, one focusing on Clementina's jaw-dropping past life memoir - Jesus And A Roman Centurion: A Past Life Memoir - and the second where we tap into her incredible knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Here are some highlights from our interview!

"I was born with a very profound gift of site, meaning that I was able to see through all of the illusions on earth – the artificial reality which some people refer to as the matrix. One simple illusion that I talk about in the book, and I think definitely relates to your mom audience, is, in this lifetime I chose to incarnate in a female body. I can't even begin to tell you what a challenge that was… "

Clementina went on to share how her Italian, Roman Catholic parents couldn't be bothered with raising a daughter. She was treated as a sex toy that her father and grandfather could use as they saw fit. This confusion was only intensified by her experiences on the streets of Chicago where she witnessed tremendous trauma, fear and hatred directed at others because of their skin color.

"As a young child I could not understand why this planet, basically the consciousness on this planet, supported such illusions. Nobody was looking at each other as a soul. Nobody was looking at each other as a brother or sister, or child of God. Everybody was looking at each other based on their human form and their human form alone." 

Clementina and I briefly discussed the #metoo movement, how the current US President (quite unintentionally) is actually assisting a spiritual awakening or revolution, and some deep thoughts on organized religion:

"Our modern, man-made religions really have got to take the responsibility for silencing the women. Because if you look at the scriptures of most traditional Christian religions, it says women cannot speak; they must remain submissive and obey. So I really believe that our organized man-made religions have had a great deal of ultimate control and domination over the women. And today women are breaking free and questioning theses belief systems."

A big part of Clementina's story, has been affected by her experience in an amazing past life as a Roman Centurion where she actually met Jesus... 

"I had the incredible (there are no words), blessed opportunity to meet Jesus 2000 years ago when he was just a child and to experience his consciousness– intimately on a soul level."   

Even though she didn't have conscious recall of this past-life meeting at the time, when Clementina was 10 years old and it was time for her to take part in her Roman Catholic confirmation in church she found herself unable to comply.

"So there I was in line waiting for all the other boys and girls to do their thing. Basically they were required to kneel down in front of this priest, who was dressed up in fancy robes and the famous cone hat, and kiss his blessed ring. Well, when I saw that they were kissing this gigantic emerald ring – I don't know…something just didn't agree with it inside – it was like a volcanic eruption inside of my soul forbidding me to do this."

Despite the church being filled to capacity with over 300 people, including Clementina's family, there was just no way she could kneel before this man that she knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was a fraud. Even when one of the priests standing behind the scene, struck her on the shoulder with his ornate staff, she still could not do it.

"I'm telling you when my eyes penetrated into the eyes of this special priest, he knew that I knew, that he was not a representation of God – nor did he even know God. The whole church was just in disgust and awe – like how dare you, who do you think you are? Not at the fraud or at the priest for striking a child, but at me!"

Here are a few of the highlights that I simply must share…it's out of this world!

"My mom's response to me sharing my first angelic encounter: 'I'm going to take her to the Roman Catholic Priest to get her exorcised because she's definitely possessed by the devil.'"

"The most important message that I can give to your audience is that, You are not your body! You are a soul and you have lived many, many, many, many lifetimes. There is no death, death is a myth."

"The most important thing that all moms – all parents – have got to remember is that your child too, is in fact a soul who has lived many, many, many times before and may even be more evolved, more spiritually advanced than you are.
The child is not programmed yet humanistically, but the parent unfortunately is. The parent might have been disconnected or fallen spiritually asleep along the way – allow your child to awaken you again. It really should be a partnership and instead of looking at the 4 or 5 year old body – look into the eyes of your child and see the soul. Your child may in fact be your teacher in this lifetime – or may be your healer, and is here to awaken you so you can remember again who you are. The child has the ability to reawaken that mother or father because again that child has just come into form so they are not spiritually disconnected – it's just amazing, they are fully aware of their spiritual self and their spirituality. What I'm able to do, what these children are able to do is natural, this is our natural abilities, but unfortunately as people evolve into human form they get more and more invested into the artificial man-made reality and they sever themselves from their own soul consciousness, and completely forget who and what they are."

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