I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti offers no guarantees, warranties, or other promises as to the results that I may or may not receive from my Private Phone Session. While numerous anecdotal occurrences, including blessings, healings, and other shifts and changes, may have occurred in the past, Miss Giovannetti  makes no promises, assurances or warranties as to the results, if any, that you may or may not receive.

I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of medicine, including, but not limited to, the diagnosis or treatment of any human or pet disease, ailment, injury, or condition, whether it be of a physical or mental nature. Further, Miss Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, or any other of the mental health disciplines, nor is she engaged in any of the Veterinary Arts.

Please be informed that Miss Giovannetti is certified in multiple healing modalities, however she is not a physician, psychiatrist or any other type of medical practitioner, and the private and confidential phone sessions she offers are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

Private & Confidential Phone Sessions

with Clementina Marie Giovannetti

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. I have been in private practice for nearly 40 years and have assisted countless men and women as an Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Teacher & Healer - providing profound wisdom, insight and clarity.

I was born with an extraordinary gift of sight and unlimited personal knowledge about the spiritual realm. In the 1980’s I also became recognized nationwide as the acknowledge authority on Dream Interpretation and all spiritual matters and wrote –
The Best-Selling Guide to Spiritual Interpretations of Your Dreams.

In 1995, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening in Blue Ridge, Texas - which blessed me with the gift of healing. I highly recommend reading my published diary –
Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel.

My private sessions have dramatically changed over the years, as I have progressed with my own spiritual evolution & mastery. All of my spiritual knowledge, profound wisdom, and healing ability have been earned through personal experience. I therefore teach exclusively from the soul.

Most of my clients are light workers, spiritual healers and teachers who have reached a level, whereby they now require a much more advanced teaching. But private & confidential sessions are available to anyone who is in need of assistance in the following categories:

*Intuitive Soul Readings

* Sexual, Emotional, Physical Abuse

Religious Indoctrination, Programming

ET Contact, Alien abduction

Past Lives, Flashbacks

Pet Loss, Grief

Loss of a Loved One, Life-after-death

Intuitive Spiritual Counselling

If you believe you are ready to advance your own spiritual evolution and/or require healing – I will be honored to assist you on your spiritual journey and compassionately guide you through the remarkable experience of your own spiritual transformation.


Due to the overwhelming requests for private sessions I no longer provide, physical  healing  sessions to the general public.   

I have dedicated the remaining years of my life to "teaching & providing spiritual guidance" to those individuals who are committed to the process of their own spiritual evolution and want to become an even stronger vessel of the light and ultimately provide healings and spiritual teachings to the general public.

Look forward to assisting you!