Over the past 23 years I have helped thousands of individuals and pets who have suffered

from emotional, spiritual and physical disharmony. And I owe my "Gift of Healing" to an Angel

who appeared before me and awakened my gift in a 100 year old barn in Blue Ridge, Texas

on October 15, 1995. The rest is history. Please read my healing testimonials.- Clementina

I Will Do A Spiritual Healing For Your Pet For:

"Thank you for this beautiful description of the white light!" - A. Hunter

Astonishing Benefits of

Spiritual Distance Healing

I Will Do A Spiritual Healing For Your Pet for 3 DAYS for $10.

Gifted Healer

Rave Reviews!

I want to thank you for the truly incredible spiritual healing that you afforded me. It was beyond anything I thought I could experience. You have a wonderful gift and I thank God for you and your exciting dedication to share it with others. - Diane H.

I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for a total stranger. I have never met you, and yet the enormous power of Love that surrounds you crosses the distance as if it never existed. I could feel the energy of His healing grace as it wrapped me in comfort and security, all because I reached out to you.  Thank you for being the conduit for my healing. –
Kathie S.

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing. After my initial healing session with you, I felt a peace I had never known and all of my anger and fear were completely gone. Words simply cannot describe the wonders I am now experiencing. -
Diane A.

Clementina is a walking, talking miracle! I have been to several healers, but never have I worked with someone like Clementina. –

Clementina’s beautiful spirit and healing channel are a gift to those who are ready for the next step in their own spiritual growth and enlightenment. –
Lori M.


"Your daily dose of the White Light"

Per your healing request, I will personally begin to transmit the “white light” and all of its healing properties to the named recipient within 24 hours. During the distant healing the recipient will feel the presence of God’s love in the purest form, and the powerful healing properties of the “white light.”

Benefits of continuous “white light” healing:

No matter what kind of animal companion you have, my distant healings have been found to be very helpful. The healing often addresses the animal’s physical disharmony as well as the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual issues. And although, I never know what will be the final results of the healing work that I offer, I have witnessed many miracles over the past 23 years.

You’ll find in general, most animal companions are very receptive to the remote healing work that I offer. They will usually become very relaxed after the "white light" transmissions have begun. And although this does not normally occur, you may witness a short period of detoxification, and their symptoms briefly worsen and then quickly reside.

Please note: because you are so closely connected to your animal companion(s), it is highly possible that your animal friends may also be reflecting some of your own issues. In such cases, I would highly recommend that you consider requesting your own remote healing as well.

Upon completion of your requested healing, I will also send you a Certificate of Completion with the recipient’s name and the dates of the White Light Transmission. (PDF)   


Please provide me with your Pet's name. And brief description of your pet after you have made your payment. Thanks!

I have provided you with 3 options of healing: 3 Days, 10 Days & 30 Days.

This will provide you with the most suitable option depending on the nature of your healing request. If your healing request is of a complicated or serious nature or has been long standing, then I’d highly recommend a continuous 30 Day Session. Please know that it is my honor and privilege to assist you in your time of need.

My Guarantee to You:

I guarantee that I will initiate your transmission of the "white light" within 24 hours of your request and continue your transmissions on a daily basis for the specified duration. Please note: that the final outcome of your healing will depend solely upon your own energetic spiritual constitution and sincere willingness to “Let Go, Let God.” If the “white light” is met with any kind of resistance, anger or fear, and you do not grant it access to enter within your energetic field or to allow for spiritual integration, your healing may be blocked. It is therefore, of the utmost importance, that you set a positive intention prior to receiving your transmission of the "white light."


Can I order a healing for someone else?
Absolutely! It would be my honor and privilege to assist your loved ones.

Does the person I’m ordering for have to know that they are going to receive a healing?
No, they do not. When you request a healing for someone else, it’s just like sending someone flowers. You are simply sending them a “gift.” But in this case, the “gift” will not have a gift card attached, revealing the person who sent it. It is totally up to you, if you want to disclose to them that it was you who requested the healing for them.  

Do I need to be at home for a “House Cleansing & Blessing”?
No, you do not. No worries. Just go about your business and I will take care of the rest.

Can the Healing Session heal a specific condition?
Yes it can, but I am not able to guarantee specific results. In all honesty, no healing practitioner can guarantee a specific result. But what I can guarantee, is that the healing energy will be sent to the named recipient for the specified duration you have requested.

When will I notice the results?
Some people tell me they begin to feel the effects of the healing energy, soon after they have requested their healing. Others will begin to notice a shift in their own energy or how they feel in a few days.

Is it beneficial to request a Healing Session for someone who is preparing for their transition (death)?
Yes. It is most beneficial. I have been told, that the healing energy often provides both clarity and a deep sense of peace and tranquility to the individual prior to their earthly departure.

Does your Healing come with a Certificate of Completion?
Absolutely! Upon completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion with the recipient’s name and the dates of the White Light Transmission. (PDF) See sample above.

Can I order a Distant Healing for my Pet?
Absolutely! Pets LOVE Distant Healing! They are very receptive to the healing properties of the “white light.”