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Rave Reviews!

I want to thank you for the truly incredible spiritual healing that you afforded me. It was beyond anything I thought I could experience. You have a wonderful gift and I thank God for you and your exciting dedication to share it with others. - Diane H.

I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for a total stranger. I have never met you, and yet the enormous power of Love that surrounds you crosses the distance as if it never existed. I could feel the energy of His healing grace as it wrapped me in comfort and security, all because I reached out to you.  Thank you for being the conduit for my healing. –
Kathie S.

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing. After my initial healing session with you, I felt a peace I had never known and all of my anger and fear were completely gone. Words simply cannot describe the wonders I am now experiencing. -
Diane A.

Clementina is a walking, talking miracle! I have been to several healers, but never have I worked with someone like Clementina. –

Clementina’s beautiful spirit and healing channel are a gift to those who are ready for the next step in their own spiritual growth and enlightenment. –
Lori M.


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