Dear Clementina,

"While you were talking to me I could see a brilliant light around you. I also feel that you really are nonexistent, but at the same time you are here. I feel that I can touch you, but at the same time I don't see a real you to touch. You seem to be more of a presence in the spiritual nature than of a human nature." - Cristina B.

Private & Confidential Phone Sessions

with Clementina Marie Giovannetti

ET Contact and Alien Abductions usually begins when the individual is just a mere child. These contacts are commonly referred to as – close encounters of the fourth kind. And the individual who has experienced these contacts is often referred to as an “experiencer” or “contactee”.

The experience most often occurs at night when the individual is at home and after they have fallen asleep. Abductions have also occurred outside, when the individual has either been camping or driving through a remote or rural setting, and the individual is then taken from their own car.

When contact occurs, the contactee will usually see an intense blue or white light. They may also hear a buzzing or humming sound, experience anxiety, intense fear and a sense of an unexplained presence, non-human in origin.

Upon contact, the contactee may also see an alien craft with flashing lights. The individual may then be transported from their home or car and brought onto an alien craft. Once inside the craft, the individual may be subjected to various medical procedures, including the removal of their eggs or sperm. The aliens may also implant a small object under their skin, which many researchers believe is being used by the aliens as a tracking device.

When the individual has been returned - they may begin to remember experiencing a sense of helplessness, paralyzation, unable to call out, being levitated, floating through a window or solid wall, and then transported up through a beam of light and onto the alien craft.

Although many of my clients have been unable to recall everything,  many of them have been able to remember a great deal of their interactions with the aliens and oftentimes also experience flashbacks.

Many of the cases that I have worked with involve direct interaction with the grays, who stand about four feet tall, possess a very slender body and neck, large head, and huge, black, slanted, almond-shaped eyes.

Have you been abducted?

If you have any of the following signs or symptoms, you may have been abducted or been in contact with an alien.

* Dreams or nightmares about UFO’s or Aliens
* Body symptoms or marks such as unusual bruising or red markings
* Experienced an unexplained substantial period of missing time
* Discovered a foreign object under your skin, that will move when touched, and buzz when activated
* Flashbacks of your abduction or contacts

If you believe you have been abducted or have been in contact with an alien, and would like to speak with me about your own experience and/or concerns please don’t hesitate to schedule a private phone session.

Not only will I provide you with a safe and confidential environment, where you can openly talk about your alien experiences, but I will also share my own E.T. experiences if it will help you.

Most importantly, I can teach you how (if that is what you desire) to relinquish any and all future contacts with the aliens. No one, be it a human being or an alien should have the ability to touch or abduct you without your conscious and awakened consent. Please complete the contact form below if I may be of assistance to you.

Phone Sessions are 60 minutes long and are available by appointment only within the USA. The fee is $200. per hour.

PHONE SESSIONS are available Monday thru Friday - 10:30 am or 12 noon (Eastern).

I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti offers no guarantees, warranties, or other promises as to the results that I may or may not receive from my Private Phone Session. While numerous anecdotal occurrences, including blessings, healings, and other shifts and changes, may have occurred in the past, Miss Giovannetti  makes no promises, assurances or warranties as to the results, if any, that you may or may not receive.

I, Client, hereby acknowledge that I have been fully advised that Clementina Marie Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of medicine, including, but not limited to, the diagnosis or treatment of any human or pet disease, ailment, injury, or condition, whether it be of a physical or mental nature. Further, Miss Giovannetti is not engaged in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, or any other of the mental health disciplines, nor is she engaged in any of the Veterinary Arts.

Please be informed that Miss Giovannetti is certified in multiple healing modalities, however she is not a physician, psychiatrist or any other type of medical practitioner, and the private and confidential phone sessions she offers are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

ET Contact & Alien Abductions