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Taking spiritual development to the next level     
by kesterk4

I am so excited to have found Clementina’s podcast. I have been going through a challenging life situation and journaled the question - “why am I having such a hard time making the decision that my soul believes is right?” I had been listening to Clementina’s podcast and literally found my answer among three different episodes. Turns out I have been playing out this same pattern within my soul- which is why I have been so confused in making my final decision. Not only that, somehow my iTunes Player played the episodes I needed to hear in order- providing what I needed at the right time.

In addition, I was starting to get tired of the more popular podcast shows in spirituality - just feeling as though it was the same topics without much meat to them. I have been looking for resources on how to ascend and tap into higher vibrations and I see that Clementina certainly provides that. She is the real deal even though I have just started following her work. Now I actually have to be accountable to do the inner work, but at least I now have a better roadmap. Definitely worth following and listening to.

She is the future     
by kontakt computer

Just what I wanted to know. I believe every word. She is my teacher.

Gemini Moon -

"I absolutely love that you work for the soul. Thank you so much for all your wisdom! I love your wisdom and so much have enjoyed all of your episodes. Thank you, I can so relate to much of what you share. Much Love and Happiness to you."

A.Hunter -

"Wow! I love the explanation of the new age teachers. Thank you Clementina. And thank you for the beautiful description of the white light !!"

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