Gifted Healer

Dear Clementina,
I’m writing to thank you so much for the truly incredible spiritual healing that you afforded me. It was beyond anything I thought I could experience. I took a journey of the soul that made me happier than, more peaceful than, and more blessed than I could ever imagine on this earth.

It showed me how I could soar through the heavens, see my dad (who has past on), feel the freedom, speak with God and receive the best gift of all - feel God’s loving bright white light bless me. It has changed my very life and how I now see it. You have a wonderful gift and I thank God for you and your exciting dedication to give it to others. I thank you from the very depth of my being. Much love and appreciation
- Diane Hilton

Dear Clementina,
I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for a total stranger. When I questioned my own soul and thought I was a failure in God’s eyes, your strength reached out to me. I have never met you, and yet the enormous power of Love that surrounds you crosses the distance as if it never existed. I could feel the energy of His healing grace as it wrapped me in comfort and security; all because I reached out in a letter to you.

I believe that God will guide us on our path if we take the time to listen. This was a time in my life that left me spiritually broken and disoriented. Yet somehow I was guided to contact you after reading your book - Diary of a Healer. Within days the healing had begun and I haven’t looked back since. If this is an example of the blessings that can occur without even meeting you, than how blessed are those who are touched by you. Thank you for being the conduit for my healing.
- Kathie Stetler

Dear Clementina,
Thank you so much for the wonderful healing session. I was originally, very reluctant to schedule an appointment to see you, because I didn't feel (physically) sick. I just felt spiritually stuck. It felt like I was going nowhere in my life. Looking back now - "Boy was I sick!" Three years ago, tragedy struck our family. I became completely consumed with anger, resentment and fear and was not able to let it go.

After my initial healing session with you, I didn't know exactly what took place, except that I felt a "peace" I had never known. It wasn't until the very next day, that I realized that all of my anger and fear were completely gone. I now, feel only "peace and joy" in my heart. And every day I grow more in spirit. Words simply cannot describe the wonders I am now experiencing. I thank God every day for sending us His servant Clementina.
- Diane Adams

To Whom It May Concern:
During my healing session with Clementina, I was able to feel the presence of God. It felt like I was having personal counsel from His Mind & Heart. My body was electric at times and shook with His Spirit blowing through me. It was so very powerful and comforting.

Tina’s beautiful spirit and healing channel are a gift to those who are ready for the next step in their spiritual growth and enlightenment. Be ready for a catharsis; don’t hold back your emotions because she is not there to judge you or your response. I highly recommend a healing session with Clementina to unearth deep-seated Truths that have been buried by the demands and authority of this earthly plane.
- Lori Mills

To Whom It May Concern:
Clementina is a walking, talking miracle! I have been to about 30 spiritual workshops in the past, and also to several other healers, but never have I met or worked with, someone like Clementina. - Lee Smith Registered Civil Engineer

To Whom It May Concern:
I left Clementina's workshop feeling both calmed and energized and more willing to face parts of my life that felt stuck and unfulfilled. Also our private session, took me to a place in my spiritual awareness I had not previously known. - Jude Long / Morro Bay, CA

To Whom It May Concern:
God has many ways of showing us that it's time to wake up. And sometimes it isn't in the gentlest way. When Clementina initially spoke to me, before she actually laid her hands on me, I immediately felt a feeling of serenity inside that I had never known before.

When she actually started the healing session, and gently laid her hands on me, I instantly felt connected to God and I realized that God gives us all choices. I could not stay on the fence forever.  All I can say is "Thank You."
 - Barb

To All of You Who Treasure Love:
Fear and resentment directed my life and actions for many years. I guess it took less effort to just exist than to enhance within me the beauty of God's gift and to search for the only road that leads to His Divinity. I chose many paths in my life, looking for answers and guidance, later finding out that all of these roads were misleading and full of trickery.

One day, in the meaningless existence of my life, I was listening to the radio. Someone by the name of "Miss Tina" was mysteriously reaching out for anyone who would listen. Her voice was soft, compassionate, but very firm. I listened very carefully. Totally impressed by her voice, I asked myself, "Why are you destroying yourself, if you are one of God's magnificent creations?" Fully convinced that I should listen to myself, I called her the next day to make an appointment and brought to her all of my miseries, torments, fears, unhappiness and resentments.

Ignorance and ill hope made me think of Clementina as a miracle worker, a magician. All I had to do was walk in, tell her of my fears and problems and everything would be solved that day. How wrong and blind I was! She listened and gave me the choice to become my own person. No intimadations, no punishments, no magic potions and no pills. Granted it has been hard, too hard at times. But with faith, enormous desire to find my divine purpose and Clementina's guidance, knowledge, patience and abundant love, I have finally arrived at the realization of who I am. I now know of the great strength and faith that can unfold when one follows and believes.

It can really happen. All of us have this ability, but it takes someone like Clementina  to show us how. Clementina  shares in your failures and successes. And her enthusiasm is geared by Truth, not by fantasy. Her faith in God is my inspiration. Her faith is my faith and the alliance is the strongest of forces. Guardian Angels do exist. Clementina is one of them and I thank God to be able to see the gifts of beauty and love in my life again. Eternity is forever.
 - Myriam S.

Dear Clementina,
How can I begin to tell you just how thankful I am? I am thankful that you have chosen to love God, that you are humble and pure before God, and that God uses you so powerfully and perfectly. Thank you for your willingness to be used by Him. I thank God for you.

You are a wonderful teacher, a teacher of truth, God’s truth. You helped me to re-unite with my Love, my Maker, my Heavenly Father. His precious love flows through you so freely; the way others exhale air, you exhale God’s love. You are a blessing to anyone who hears you speak.
- Cindy Palmer

To Whom It May Concern, 
On Monday, September 25, 1995 I brought myson Gilbert to Clementina who was suffering from migraine headaches. Gilbert is 21 years old. And over the pats 21 years, we had explored the following methods of treatment; chiropractic, optometry, Chinese herbs, medical (including an MRI which revealed damage to his nervous system caused by the 21 years of migraines. Migraine medication were prescribed, taken and found useless), natural herb therapy, cold compresses, dental (including treatment for TMJ.) Gilbert bit through the device that the dentist designed for him to keep him from grinding his teeth the first night he wore it. The dentisit insisted that this never happened - they offered no other assistance either and of course counseling. The counselor insisted that Gilbert was doing drugs!

Through the past 21 years we have spent in excess of $10,000. (ten-thousand dollars). One session with Clementina revealed the cause of Gilbert's migraine heahaches over the past 21 years. Clementina not only healed our son but also gave Gilbert the first freedom from pain in his 21 years. Thank you Clementina.  Sincerely, 
- Sharon

To Whom it May Concern:
On Saturday, February 15, 1997, tragedy struck at my farm. About 10:00 a.m. I had just come in from the barn. I looked out the bathroom window and saw that two of my dogs and the neighbor's Great Dane had Max, one of our barn cats, down on the ground. I rushed back to the barn. By then, the Great Dane had Max in his huge mouth and was trying to decide what to do with him. Max managed to bite the dog causing him to drop him. Max somehow managed to make it through the dogs into the barn. I went in to check on him, but he had hidden behind the shavings bales where I couldn't reach him. Seeing he was alive and not seeing a trail of blood, I thought he was probably just shaken up so I went back into the house.

About an hour and a half later, I went outside to shake a rug. Something told me to go and check on Max. I went to the barn and he was laying on top of the shavings. The moment he saw me he began to meow in a way i had never heard before. If he could have talked and said, "Help me!" that's what I heard. It wasn't a pitiful meow, it was a meow with a purpose. As I approached him, I could see he was filthy. He had made no attempt to clean himself up. That was also not a good sign. When I got to him, I could hear a gurgling sound coming from his chest as he breathed. I knew I had to get him to a vet. My local vet was out, so I called a vet in McKinney and took him in.

The vet examined Max. He said he had a punctured right lung and the prognosis for his recovery was very guarded. He felt him again and found a puncture on the left side also. His face grew more grave. He checked his gums and most of the color was gone, a sign of internal bleeding which also meant his body temperature was going down. The vet then told me, "I know cats are supposed to have nine lives, but I think this fellow may have used all nine today." Translation, he's probably not going to make it. He felt him again and found signs that indicated a ruptured diaphragm and possible kidney damage too.

He said I could take him to an emergency clinic and they would take x-rays and probably put him on an IV and wait. Aside from doing that, what he could do for me was give Max an antibiotic shot, wrap his chest, hope the holes in the lungs resealed and see what happens. So I told him to give him the shot and wrap his chest. I didn't see any point in spending more money for diagnostic procedures, like x-rays, when it wouldn't make any difference in the treatment.

I left Max with him and went and sat in the car. I didn't want to just wait for him to die. I knew what I had to do. Take him to Clementina. I called and she told me to bring him right over. When we got within a 100 yards of her house, Max started meowing loudly. Did he know where he was? She laid him on her lap and took his front paws in her hands. She closed her eyes and began to pray. She began to sob as the love of the Father came through her. After about five minutes she asked to help take his chest wrap off. We removed the wrap. Clementina took hold of Max's paws again, closed her eyes and reestablished contact with the Father. Max's meowing ceased. After a few minutes his eyes closed. As I looked at him, I was struck by how peaceful and still he looked.

About 15 minutes passed and Clementina opened her eyes. As soon as she did Max turned his head to look at her and started meowing. She told him it was OK. She said he knew instantly when she left him in spirit. She wished the humans she works with were that aware. She closed her eyes, reestablished contact with the Father, and Max immediately quieted. This pattern repeated itself about three times over the next hour and a half till Max no longer became alarmed when she broke the contact. He was then sleeping peacefully. The gurgling sound was gone from his lungs and his breathing, which had been very rapid since the attack, had slowed to almost normal.

I prayed as Clementina worked with Max. I thanked God for this event. I knew this was being done to strengthen my faith, and this innocent creature had agreed to endure this for me. I took him home, and by the next morning he was up walking around. By 2:00 that afternoon he had urinated and was drinking. His gums had regained their color and the pads of his feet were warm again. Each day brought dramatic improvements. By Tuesday evening, a stranger wouldn't have known anything was wrong with him. As the days went by and I watched him heal, all I could think was, "Thank you God for letting me witness this miracle."
- Terri / Anna, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:
I want to thank you for the privilege of spending time with you and being able to witness the healing energy you bring to people and animals alike. Your healing sessions for me were very enlightening. Since I've had my sessions with you, I feel I have really connected again to the miracle of God. Most of my fear has gone, and every day is blessed with the richness of experiencing nature and spirit. Thank you for your healing work. Your healing session was magic to my life, as I am sure it is to many others. With love and gratitude. - Diane Long

To Whom It May Concern:
Clementina has been my lifesaver. In the short time I have known her, I have grown enormously and have developed a much greater understanding of myself. I have also obtained a deeper insight into those that I love because of her special gift. Clementina is able to 'see' others during our session despite their absence. Clementina has helped me to grow strong when strength was lacking, a very important element that has allowed me to overcome moments of despair. She has also taught me how to remain in control of myself; my emotions and my thoughts, allowing no one to dominate me or to wear the colors and attitudes of others. I have also come to know that when I allow my fears to enter my life, that I alone cause them to become a reality. We are still working on the many flaws that I possess, but I do believe that I will become the person I wish to be. I feel myself getting more and more in touch with my spiritual self, which I believe is the only place where one can find true peace of mind. - Valerie J.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have found during my life of thirty-nine years that God has many tools, which He works through to perform His miracles through. I was fortunate to meet one such tool. A few months ago, this tool was to become known to me as Clementina. She was to become God's tool to heal my little kitten, Fat-Cat and the answer to my prayer. A couple of weeks ago, I found a little kitten outside my door. She was barely 24 hours old, left abandoned by her mother. We named her Fat-Cat.

She turned out to be a very lively, spirited, energetic young kitten that loved to bounce off the walls and furniture day and night. The other day I put her outside for about an hour to play with our other cats. When Fat-Cat came back in the house, she was very ill. She appeared completely drained, as if her entire life-force was being sucked out of her little body. She wouldn't play or eat her food. She could barely walk. She wobbled herself to and from her kitty litter box.

We decided to take her to a vet and were told that she had distemper and that she would probably not recover. On that fourth night God sent Clementina to my home, with the answers to my prayers. She didn't even have to touch her. She just looked at her, saw the disease and death within her, and then turned to me and said, "Your prayers have been answered. She's going to be all right."  

The following morning, Fat-Cat was restored to her playful, energetic, whole fully-spirited Fat-Cat self. Our prayers had been answered. To most people, my story may not seem to be of any great importance. But to me it proves that no creature is too small or unimportant to Our Heavenly Father. Clementina is definitely one of God's tools, that allows Him to touch the little kitten in each one of us. God Bless you Clementina.
- Melody K.

To Whom It May Concern:

For me - being around Clementina - is to discover why we are here and what it truly means to be alive - questions I've often asked myself for many years. I've noticed many beneficial changes within myself by following her spiritual guidance. Most important, is this happy feeling that has come over me and remains with me for longer periods of time. Lately, many of my priorities have also changed and what has become very important to me now, is to learn whatever I can from this beautiful soul who expresses so many qualities I wish to possess. - Rita Miller

To Whom It May Concern:
Hi, my name is Clarissa and I want to share a little bit about myself with you. Not so long ago, a little over a year ago, God set into motion events that would change my life forever. Sometimes, He places us on a path unknown to us but if we listen with our heart and soul, we can actually hear His words of love, guidance and encouragement.

God sent me someone that would teach me more about Him than I thought possible. I knew from the moment I met Clementina, that she was not like anyone whom I had ever met before, yet there also was a recognition and familiarity about her, but I couldn't place it. As the weeks passed, in each one of our private sessions, she shared with me some of the most precious and intimate moments that she had shared with God and what her relationship with God was built on. She spoke of them (God & Jesus) with such knowing and clarity. It was as if, she knew them personally. I now know that there is no greater love than that of God's
- Clarissa V.

To Whom It May Concern:
Friends often asked me, "What do you really want Robert?" I often responded, "I want to know God." Yet, year after year I would always get side tracked. I got lost in my jobs, relationships, spiritual seeking or adventure. But my heart still ached to know the one true God.

Often times, I would cry during my meditations wanting to know God more personally. As God would have it; I eventually found Clementina. And it was in that moment that my search had come to an end after nearly 10 years. And every one of my questions were finally answered.

I was also struck by her deep devotion, love and obedience to God, which I hadn't found before with any other spiritual healer/teacher. Through our sessions, a more tangible, intimate real relationship with God began to unfold through me. The ache I knew so well soon began to disappear. As months passed, and our private sessions continued, I also realized that I no longer wanted to pursue a life in the mainstream anymore where all of the distractions and gravity of everyday life and all of it's illusions diluted my focus and attention from God.

My daily challenge now is to let go, let God. And to surrender my will and to receive His presence. I am also learning about trust and humility. It is very easy to get lost in all of the daily stuff. But with Clementina's support and guidance, I am committed to find a way to remain awakened and discover a true purpose for my life.
- Robert

To Whom It May Concern:
For the better part of my life, I always felt fearful and alone. From my youth on, I was taught a very fearful, lonely, image of God. My heart and soul have always ached to be able to express my true thoughts and feelings but fear kept them bottled up inside. I was never able to express what I really felt. I thought I had to act or behave in a certain way. I was afraid to be me. A year and a half ago, God caused circumstances in my life that required me to seek out spiritual guidance. God led me to Clementina.

Clementina had what I longed for, a true peace, and love in her soul and an intimate relationship with God. God has used her continued faith and hope, but mostly love of Him despite all obstacles to teach me about Him, the real Him and to assist me to change from the inside out. My soul and heart are now being set free. I am now able to express who I am and what I really feel. And I am able to give to others what the faith and love of another in God has provided me - the ability to have a personal, intimate, loving relationship with God.
- Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern:
Have you ever been in a place so dark and black you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face?  It’s an interesting experience isn’t it?  It can also be a very frightening one. I am a survivor of that darkness and of the pain that accompanies it.  During my life I have tried to leave this world many times through a variety of different ways.  I have tried to use people, drugs, sex and even love (not real love) as an escape.  I was in an abyss so black and hopeless and most of the time I wasn’t aware of it. 

I would say to myself, “What is wrong with me?  I know everyone else must feel this way. But they don’t seem to be suffering.”  I would constantly push down anything real, any real feelings, emotions or connections to anything that could bring me out into the light.  It was all I knew.  I thought and believed I was protecting myself from others.  I thought “I’ll be safe this way. No one can touch me.” 

Sometimes the pain was so intense I would often feel it in my chest and stomach.  Looking back now I’m surprised I didn’t develop ulcers.  Of course there were many reasons, excuses and others who had helped me to this point. But I was the main orchestrator of this scenario. 

I think the worst part of all was the loneliness.  It kind of becomes a part of you and sometimes you can pretend it’s a normal part of being human.  It’s normal to have this hole in your soul.  It’s normal to feel desperately lonely when you have people around you who support and love you, professing their love and you know that it’s good, that they mean it. They really do love you.  Yet, you still feel this emptiness.  How can you say to them, “I know you love me with all of your heart; you comfort me, you have been there for me, you never abuse me, you try to make me happy, but I am still empty?”  You don’t. You choke it down and start beating yourself up all over again.

Evil is the absence of light.  It is not some ethereal intangible thing that we see in movies.  It is very real.  You can feel it every time you have a pang in your stomach or chest. It can come in many forms and if you think about it you will remember a time when you came face to face with it.  What did you do?  Probably what I did, succumb to it, believed it was the only way and somehow temporarily relieving that pain and replacing it with pleasure.

Since I have been working with Clementina, I no longer am lonely. The day I realized that my emptiness had been filled and that I would never be alone again was a triumph for my soul, my spirit, my true nature. 

My eyes have been opened to the genuine reality of this life. I see and understand more of what I am made of and why I am here more and more.  I feel the presence of our Father in my life on a daily basis and am being awakened to the true nature of love.  Instead of feeling the darkness and loneliness - I feel the light.  I feel the dross cut away from my ankles and wrists.  I feel my soul being expanded and those (Father’s family) around me rejoicing in my new spiritual growth.  I now know I am blessed and will always continue to grow into the light.  I never believed I would feel this way, it is a miracle; to always feel loved, cared for, and protected and to never, never be alone.

It has been a journey, which only I could begin. However, I could have never made it this far without the blessed guidance of Miss Tina.  Since I first began to work with her my soul resonated with joy and she began the task of removing the chains that bound me in darkness.  Father works directly through her to help me know his compassion, love, and tender mercies and together they have shown me the path that I will travel. 

I am not truly awakened yet.  I still have much work to do.  I want anyone who reads this to know that it is all worth it.  We all have our different burdens to face and trials to undergo but if you choose this path you will truly begin to understand who you are. 
 - W.M. Anderson

To Whom It May Concern:
For the past ten years, I have suffered from Depression, Heavy Fatigue, Anxiety, and Disorientation and lack of enthusiasm to do anything. I am twenty-eight years old. I began drinking alcohol at age seventeen and have had numerous sexual affairs, one after another, in hopes of finding love. I was desperately searching for significance, a purpose in my life. I didn't know who I was or where I was going.

So I went for Psychiatric counseling when I was only eighteen years old. I was given the following medications over the past ten years; Prozac, Norpramine, Xanax, Well Butrin, Lithium, Buspar, Tofranil, Efranil, Effexor, Serzone, and Klonapin. I was also given three Electro Convulsive Therapy Treatments in the past 12 months. I was told by my doctors that the medication and ECT treatments would release my depression, anxiety and pressure in my head.

Nothing worked! Not even the ECT treatments were able to penetrate the pressure. I've been hospitalized four times in the past 10 years for depression and anxiety. The last time, for cutting my wrists. I have been through pure hell, complete turmoil. I didn’t know where else to turn to, so I cried out to God, “God, please help me.” He must have heard me because I was given Clementina's phone number. I was told she could help me.

When I walked into her healing room, I was filled with doubts and fears. I kept thinking to myself, how could one woman be able to heal me, after hundreds of professional, medical experts, could not after 10 years! She did! She ‘touched’ me in a way, that no doctor, ECT treatment or medication ever did. My pressure, anxiety, depression, worries, fears, disorientation and desire to die are leaving me just after one session.

How can one woman heal so much in one session by just laying her hands on? I don't know. I may never know. But what I do know is, I'm finally free from the pain and pressure I lived with for 10 years. I have a new excitement for life now. Thank you God, for hearing my prayers. Thank you Clementina for being here.
- Brenda Reynolds

Dear Miss Tina:
I want to thank you with all my heart for guiding me up a ladder to a more spiritual and more comforting way of life. Much love. - B.

To Whom It May Concern:
During my entire lifetime I have been plagued with the questions; Who am I? What am I? And why am I here?
In addition to the above vexations, I would also have recurring dreams of being lost and not knowing where I was going. In my dreams, I would ask people for directions, when I couldn't even remember where it was that I was going. Frustrating to say the least. 

This past September, I also slipped into a deep depression, which I have chronically experienced since the age of sixteen (I'm now 49). I knew I needed help, but pondered as to whom I should see. And then one day, I heard Clementina on a radio show and also had the opportunity to speak with her on the show. I knew immediately after speaking with her, I needed to schedule a session with her.

Words cannot adequately express how my desperate plea for help was immediately answered, following my first session. And just after a few sessions with her, I have now come to know a more purposeful, meaningful life for myself.  Clementina has been and will continue to be my beacon of light. Yours in the interest of solid peace of mind.
- Rosalie N.

To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Clementina and also meeting her in person; someone who has changed my life. As a 37 year old, who has been married three times and on the brink of yet still another divorce, I was very much lost prior to finding her. And prior to finding her, I had also been in therapy for years.

However, immediately after my initial session with her, I knew where my heart needed to be lead. I was reborn in such a deeply loving way. Clementina is a blessed soul, who is here to help us find our highest good and true potential in life. She is for real. Thank God for her as I have now found myself for the first time after years of soul searching. -
Shelly P.